Verse 1:

You know I loved you, from the moment that we met

And I knew it was gonna be something I would regret

Loving you, what a silly thing to do

I believed in all the little lies that you told me

Had my hopes up so high, that I couldn’t see

All the betrayal

Laced in them fairy tales



But maybe it was just my imagination

Running through my veins

Not enough crazy

To keep my entertained

As you walked yourself away


Verse 2:

I couldn’t help myself

I fell right into you

No one in their right mind

Could tell me what to do

I was under your spell

Straight on my way to hell





Don’t say it isn’t true, I know that it was you (4x)


Last Chorus:

No this is, not my imagination

Running through my veins

Not enough crazy

Could keep me entertained

Now I walk myself away

If I Ruled the World

Verse 1:

I left the building of my elders

To see if I could find myself

Without their shelter

If I could be a big girl

Like I thought I was


If I could stick it to the man

And be independent

If I could be all I wanted

Without consequences

Ooo If I ruled the world



Cause if I ruled the world

This is what I would do

I would take a vacation

To the top of the moon

I would sail around the world

And dance all night

I would love, love, love

And never fight


Verse 2:

I lived on the ground

Fell in love with the sun

Walked barefoot with the Earth

Trying to become someone

Wised myself up

And then got softer


I was pushed around

And shoved out to the world

Oh a funny little place

For a little girl

Who thought she could rule the world





Well I hope that this

Isn’t my fatality

Gotta get somewhere in the sky

Can’t you see me now



Evil Eye

Verse 1:

My, my oh my

You’ve got your evil

Evil eye

Following me all the way back home


You say, lighten up

It’s all a game

But you’re the only one laughing

And you love it, you love, you love, you love it

And you know it



We’re never gonna make it out alive

All of us are gonna collide

Eating us up one by one

And what is left

When it’s all said and done


Verse 2:

I’ll admit

The feeling is quite addictive

And i get caught up in the high

Of being the object of your evil eye









Verse 1:

I was not a stranger

Until I came home

I thought that I had it

Under control

I thought I could leave it

Back where it came from

But you followed me

And now I don’t know where to run



But if you could see me now  

Oh, Lord what would you say



Cause I tried so hard to be normal

But my mind has been changed

And I hope that we can still be friends

Yeah I tried so hard to be silent

Oh but silence never gets you far

And we both know we can’t keep going on like this


Verse 2:

Am I now stranger

Than I was before

Would you recognize me

When I walk through the door

Or would you cast me aside

And leave me to my own

Am I now a stranger

In my own home?






Verse 1:

My mama, she raised me good

Did all a good mama could

So my heart grew strong

And my temperament stubborn

So I could be the last survivor


Said girl grow up and be strong

Cause the man’s gonna try to tell you, you’re wrong

And they’ll cut your legs if they think they can

They’ll cut your legs another penny in their can



But don’t you lose sight



Cause all they want are your pretty eyes

No words, just compromise

The glass feels so far out of reach

But it’s gonna break, it’s gonna crack, it’s gonna shatter

When it sees me


Verse 2:

My mama she raised me good

Did all a good mama should

Said girl put your foot down and be heard

Cause the quicksand is waiting for you, little bird


And the road to the top, ain’t all that pretty

It’s dusty, it’s windy and it gets gritty

And they’ll cut your legs if they think they can

They’ll cut your legs another penny in their can