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  1. Imagination

From the recording Break

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Vocals, Guitar, Percussion: Socorra
Bass: Brian Hart
Drums: Jeff Wheeler
Piano/Keys: Katie Day

Recorded and Mixed by Scott McDowell at Hyde Street Studio C in San Francisco, CA

Mastered by Jonathan Kirchner

(c) Socorra Camposanto 2016



Verse 1:
You know I loved you, from the moment that we meant
And I knew it was gonna be something I would regret
Loving you, what a silly thing to do

I believed in all the little lies that you told me
Had my hopes up so high, that I couldn’t see
All the betrayal, laced in them fairy tales

But maybe it was just my imagination
Running through my veins
Not enough crazy
To keep my entertained
As you walked yourself away

Verse 2:
I couldn’t help myself
I fell right into you
No one in their right mind
Could tell me what to do
I was under your spell
Straight on my way to hell


Don’t say it isn’t true, I know that it was you (4x) G | Em
G B7 on the last one

Last Chorus:
No this is, not my imagination
Running through my veins
Not enough crazy
Could keep me entertained
Now I walk myself away