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  1. Evil Eye

From the recording Break

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Vocals, Guitar, Percussion: Socorra
Bass: Brian Hart
Drums: Jeff Wheeler
Keys: Katie Day

Recorded and Mixed by Scott McDowell at Hyde Street Studio C in San Francisco, CA.

Mastered by Jonathan Kirchner

(c) Socorra Camposanto 2016


“Evil Eye”

Verse 1:
My, my oh my
You’ve got your evil
Evil eye
Following me all the way back home

You say, lighten up
It’s all a game
But you’re the only one laughing
And you love it, you love, you love, you love it
And you know it

We’re never gonna make it out alive
All of us are gonna collide
Eating us up one by one
And what is left
When it’s all said and done

Verse 2:
I’ll admit
The feeling is quite addictive
And i get caught up in the high
Of being the object of your evil eye